Warm Sheets


Photo by M.Gueniévre

Lying on warm sheets
Waiting for her lover’s hands.
She breaths in the day
And touches herself gently.

Sweat beads on soft skin,
Her body erupts with life
And deep sensation.
Ecstasy is in her hands.

Ecstasy waits for no one.



Bright in the night sky,
A blooming flower of light.

Momentary life.

The Bar

The bar is crowded
The bodies are tightly packed
Laughter and sorrow
Sing and cry and dance through drinks
Of uncommon potency.

City of Specters

The dark side rises
In the city of specters,
Where memories live
Of torments best forgotten,
And cries echo through the streets.




Fluid, like the sea,
Are the desires of man.

Currents shift and change
And the tides move with the moon;

Waves pound orgazmic fire.

-Hunter Coch-


Dawn Fog


A walk in the fog
Under the cool morning light,
Calm as the sweet air.

Joy drips from the crisp green leaves.
One lonely bird sings a song.

Hand to Hand to Hand

Hand to hand to hand,
Heavy breathing between three,
Sweat atop soft skin,
A sweet delicate balance
Between the lovers passion.

Dark Beauty

Dark, naked beauty,
In her eyes seduction hides.
With arms spread, exposed,
She welcomes with a smile
And breaths of expectation.

Its Eyes Looked Beyond

Forest of twilight,

With trees thick, the path’s overgrown

To the hidden grove.


What light shines through the canopy leaves comes only in small rays that highlight the vibrant hues and make shine the tiny particles trapped within its beam. Small beasts scurry unseen in the dense foliage. Dead leaves crackle underfoot.


Vines crawl its stone face

Through lycan and moss of greens,

This ancient form stands.


The air is thick and heavy. Shadows move in unnatural ways and it feels like insects are following. The knowledge of time is gone. We walk the way disoriented, searching for the ancient rumor as the birds call from above.


The ancient idol

From beyond man’s memory

Waits for those who come.


What will we find? What lies at the end of our paths? What people would come to this hellish place to build in such a hostile environment? Do we seek a sacred grove of ancient wonders? What will we learn of this ancient people?


Into the distance,

It sees in shade and shadow,

It knows who’s coming.


The past is gone, the way is lost. We know neither direction nor distance. But we hear a call from afar, the distance song that sings to our dreams. We see a light in our mind’s eye. I fear, but we must move forward.


Light through broken leaves

Shines light on forgotten stone.

The way is open.


We stand up on a hilltop clear but for tall grass and a single stone idol, large and imposing. The sky is a light was fire; as the sun descends the stars flicker into existence. Filled with excitement, anticipation, and fear, he approached unwillingly.


Eyes of stone look deep,

From a time beyond knowledge

And civilized man.


My friends are gone. Hope is gone. We came in search of lost civilizations. We came to understand our own past. But this was not of human hands. I now know what lies within stone. I am gone.


Alone in the woods,

Stands an ancient stone idol,

Its eyes look beyond.


Play in Love and Lust

Play in love and lust,
Touch the forbidden pleasures,
Reach for ecstasy,
Feel the heart and sweat and joy,
Tease them with your hands,
Tease them with an open mind,
And bring them to bloom
On sheets of enlightenment
With passion’s kiss, on three lips.


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