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Albino in black

Under the street light,

Standing at tomorrow’s edge,

Albino in black,

She stands, waiting for the beast,

Waiting for the time

Where roads cross and life stands still.


She pleads to the night,

He comes in a black sedan.

She offers her hand,

He takes it gently in his.

She whispers her wish,

He kisses her hand then leaves.


Under the street light,

Standing at yesterday’s edge,

Albino in black,

She stands with a dream in hand,

And a damaged soul,

Where roads cross and life stands still,


She gives, raging against time.

Magic Glass


Shards of magic glass

Glitter through modern ruins,

Shining a deep light

In forgotten crevices

Where the nightmares came to sleep.



The city beneath,

Untold stories intertwined,

The hill with two trees.

Which Lover


Which lover will come

To satisfy a night’s dream?


Which lover will touch

On pleasures most delightful?


Which lover will give

The gift of tongue and deep breaths?


Which lover will take

What their lust demands?


Both will come to my delight.

They Call


Rage washes ashore

Under rolling clouds of fear.


A lone seaman sinks

Beneath an uneasy sea.


From the depths they call his name.

Night’s Life


The moon adds its light

To brilliant city streets.

The colors of dusk

Call to the nocturnal drama

As people drink to night’s life.

Beauty Born


She’s born to whispers

In the early morning night.

She is beauty born.

All but Forgotten


Paths of past prayers

Echo from the shadows in

Halls of empty faith.

The pews lie in disrepair.

The chants, all but forgotten.

Sandy Hands


Grasped in sandy hands,

What joy to a child’s heart,

Are gifts from the sea.



A song in the night,

Dance to divine devilry.


Fields of revelry,

Dreaming of earthly delight

In a hedonistic storm.


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