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Lost, Three Tanka

Despair rips across
Thoughts and vivid dreams of life,
Opening the mind
To visions of hopelessness
And paths that lead into fog.

Lost in grey water
That floats silent through the streets
Touching broken hearts,
Breathing life into dark thoughts,
And a future of white pain.

Pale is the autumn
At the dawn of October,
Atop rain-soaked streets
Full with the wandering lost,
All they see is a warm home.



I don’t feel like a man
I don’t feel like a person
I don’t feel like a human
I don’t feel like I belong
I don’t feel worthy

I feel worthless


The brain burns
With pulsating currents
Of neurological electricity
And emotional instability.

The brain burns
And awareness stays,
I can feel the shaking
I live in the fire.

The brain burns
With magic,
White lights dance
Until the afterglow.

The brain burns,
Reality bends,
Visual metamorphosis
It never really ends.

A Quiet Moment

Serenity lost,
Emotional tsunami,
A quiet moment.

She Waits

Above sand and sea

Seeking her desires arms.

Below cloudy skies

Awaits this overcast heart.


Waves crash upon stone,

The mist kiss her lonely lips.

But she stands alone

Remembering sunny days.


Above sand and sea

Awaiting her lovers touch.

Below cloudy skies

She adds to ocean waters.


Waves crash upon stone,

The lighthouse shines its warning.

But she stands alone

Between her hope and the truth:


Her ship, never will return.



Naked Fire



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