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The Invocation

Riding midnight tides

In the red lights of the night

Observing dark rights,

Under the midnight crescent

She dances with the witches,

To blood pumping beats

And the rhythm of sweet dreams,

Invoking spirits

Invite intoxication,

To raise the goddess of lust,

Riding midnight tides

With the dark dance of desire,

Invoking gnosis,

What does the summoning call?

Her deep desires fulfilled.

-Hunter Coch


Magic Glass


Shards of magic glass

Glitter through modern ruins,

Shining a deep light

In forgotten crevices

Where the nightmares came to sleep.

With a Spark


A struggle for dusk

Is born in places between.


Empty worlds converge,

With a spark,

green as emerald,

That shines in the mind,

Ripping apart perception,

And giving a glimpse

Of worlds beyond consciousness.


What magic there is to see.

Three Tanka of Invocation through Evocation


From will, comes the light
Of action and consequence,
Desire summoned;
From the individual,
Form from thought, being beyond.

Daemons come as called,
Desires asked unconscious,
The way is foggy.
Taken through paths forgotten,
Latent dangers not revealed.

What has come brings change,
The unexpected revealed,
Will unfolds with time.
Daemons brought wishes granted,
Through paths of pleasure and pain.