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They kneel together
Nude on top soft satin sheets.
They touch together
Soft hands on soft skin caress.
They feel together
With kisses, scratches, and bites.
They love together
Abandoned to the moment
Lost to the joys of friction.


Invocation of Lust

From tiny embers
Through darkened eyes,
  let lust in.

Tend to the fire,
Rise up flames of desire,
And feast,
  And consume,
     And live.


. . .

Lust and desire

Grow as the evening deepens.

What has the night done?


The hands of temptation reach

For the strings of lust.

Oh, to put goodness aside

And give in to the darkness.


Warm Sheets


Photo by M.Gueniévre

Lying on warm sheets
Waiting for her lover’s hands.
She breaths in the day
And touches herself gently.

Sweat beads on soft skin,
Her body erupts with life
And deep sensation.
Ecstasy is in her hands.

Ecstasy waits for no one.

Devil’s Wind


The devil’s wind blows,
Nude in play
Under clear skies,
Dry heat flows through a winter day.

Air takes will to passions night,
Lovers play
Under starry light,
The devil’s wind blows.

Flesh to flesh,
Breast to breast,
The devil’s wind blows
From east into the west.

An opera sounds,
Of love and lust,
And pleasure sings,
The devil’s wind blows.

Taken heart and taken hand,
The devil’s wind blows
Across valleys of delight,
To shores of sand.

On the day that follows,
Night left behind,
Moments of rest,
The devil’s wind blows.

The devil’s wind blows,
And blows,
And blows,
The devil’s wind blows.