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The Sky


The sky is ablaze,
And an alien world burns
With indigo flame.
What was forest, now desert.
What was desert, now is glass.


Flirting by Fire


Flirting by fire.

Rising embers become stars

In each others eyes.


And in the darkness they touch

Secretly by the warm glow.

Beneath Flame

She sleeps beneath flame,

Whipping the flesh, searing sweat.


The beautiful agony.

She lies bound, burned and consumed.


From the Fire

From the Fire

Part of the Drifter and visual poetry series


Visual Poetry: Ages

Part of the visual poetry series

Part of the visual poetry series

Poem: Fire


The destroyer that creates,

Enabler of civilization,

Fertilizer of thought.

Look into its body,

And you may find your soul,

Not all who see will like what they find.

Turn away you frightful animal,

You will only get burned,

Flee like the beast.

Look deeper beautiful human,

You will be forged,

Into a being of majesty.