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Desire becomes
      Hedonistic passions
Climax in the night.

What joy women’s bosoms bring,
What pleasures blossom below.




That Scent

That Scent

That scent left drifting
In the darkness of delights,
With moans and seeded
Dreams and secret desires
             Sweet fragrance.

That scent swims with life
Among the sheets and bodies.
A nude dance of flesh,
      Wandering hands,
             Silken lips,
Desires living bouquet.

That scent pleasure cast,
A sea of swimming perfumes
Onto the bodies fulfilled
Falling in dreamless slumber,
      That scent,
             Is of dreams,

-Hunter Coch




They kneel together
Nude on top soft satin sheets.
They touch together
Soft hands on soft skin caress.
They feel together
With kisses, scratches, and bites.
They love together
Abandoned to the moment
Lost to the joys of friction.




Ruptured desire
Spilt upon the bedroom floor.
With a rage of lust
Fueled by the scent of sex
A light in the eye,
Inhibitions fall
To the ground with two
Bodies following entwined.

-Hunter Coch


To Kiss


Oh, to kiss,
To know that scorching fire,
Letting the heart burn,
To scar the soul with delirious memory.

Oh, to kiss,
To hold insanity in my hands,
Touching silken skin,
To caress that pounding breast.

Oh, to kiss,
To wreck the world with passion
And light the midnight sky,
To scream to the infinite sun’s.

Oh, to kiss,
To feel the addictive melancholy,
Weeping on lonely nights
And to rage against fate.

Oh, to kiss those lips,
To know that scorching fire,
Letting the heart burn,
To scar the soul with delirious memory.

Oh, to kiss those lips,
To walk in delirious contemplation,
Working the soles raw,
To feel the pain fully realized.

Oh, to kiss those lips,
To embrace one last time,
Letting passion speak
And letting hands wander.

Oh, to kiss those lips,
To kiss between breasts,
Feeling the heartbeat thump,
To dance naked in a bed of desire.

Oh, to kiss those lips once again,
To know that scorching fire,
Letting the heart burn,
To scar the soul with delirious memory.

Oh, to kiss those lips once again,
To tear the flesh with nails and teeth,
Violent and tender,
To thrust against welcoming hips.

Oh, to kiss those lips once again,
To bite and thrust in rhythm,
Pulling against the friction,
To push against the pain.

Oh, to kiss those lips once again,
To reach that tantric enlightenment,
Resisting until the snake crowns,
To burst together in ecstasy.

Oh, to kiss . . .

Oh, to kiss those lips . . .

Oh, to kiss those lips once again . . .

Permission, Three Tanka

She lies on her back

Nude on the hardwood floors.

Sexual freedom.

She holds herself, rubbing deep

In pulsating perfection.

She lies on her back

Nude, I long for the release,

Her Command, her wish.

I’m bound by her dominance,

Freedom will come with a word.

She lies on her back

Nude on the cold hard floors.

With her word I come.

Tearing into her body,

Her flesh will never forget.


Between two women,

A soft breast in each hand,

Nipples erect,

Gently played.

Three hearts beating

Three bodies playing

Three souls touching.

Warm Bodies

Warm bodies collide

In the summer heat.

Sweat beads along natural curves.

Rolling motions on linen sheets,

Heavy breathing

Flesh on fire.

Deep moans with deep thrusts,

Inhibitions forgotten,

Tossed aside with the clothes

And heavy blankets.

A rhythmic dance everyone knows.

Concluding with an exchange

Of breath and fluids.


A gentle touch brings
A budding flower to bloom.
A finger’s soft glide,
She moans in the morning haze.

Her soul fills with ecstasy.

A Game


A dim light shines through,

Illuminating her curves

On burgundy sheets.


Nude upon the Egyptian cotton, her breasts exposed. The air moves gently across her nipples and along her dew dropped curves. She shivers at the sensation. She knows she’s watching.


Life, you twisted thing,

New adventures in the night,

Under watchful eyes.


She stands by the bed watching her nakedness in motion. Her hand move across the body’s contours, stopping at the mounds of flesh topped by light brown nipples, circling, playing with the silken skin, then moving down to the deep places where she blooms in damp delight.


On a bed she’s watched,

Woman looking on woman,

Game of desire.


She’s watching her perform. She stands, she quivers. Her eyes follow her hands. Her hands follow her eyes. The watcher is being watched and in time her hands move down to bring herself in tune with the laying beauty.


She stands by the bed,

Nude in the soft yellow light.

Above watchful eyes.


They gaze. They touch without touching. They love. They make love through thought and inaction. When their minds meet, a climax of infinite lust erupts into a fluidic waking dream. Infinite desire, infinite lust. Beautiful tension.


And then, with a kiss

Begins a bodies bonding.

And then, with a touch . . .