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Paint and Poem

Desire is an

Awakening of the soul,

Evidence of life.

Summoned by the serafim

Desire is the dark muse.

Desire is death

A last grasp at living life,

A voice from beyond.

Desire is dementia,

A forgetful waking dream.

Desire calls out

To the artists and dreamers,

Divine seduction.

Like the Sirens of myth, but

Feeding on paint and poem.


Three Poems of Desire



He looks through the fog,

She dances in cool white waves,

He watches her curves,

She plays and bathes unaware

Of fantasies inspired.


Does she know you watch?

Does she know your carnal thoughts?

She dances in dreams.


Oh, ravenous fantasies

You rip at unbidden skin.


Desire without

Release breeds dangerous thoughts.

Eyes lock from across

An inebriated room.


You wonder about her taste.