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Held to Dirt


Dreams of death haunt me,
I see my children weeping.
Looking from the grave,
I long to kiss away tears,
Though forever held to dirt.

-Hunter Coch


The Sky


The sky is ablaze,
And an alien world burns
With indigo flame.
What was forest, now desert.
What was desert, now is glass.

Within the Street Lit Room

Within the street lit room
The woman stands with her back to the man.

Within the street lit room
The man walked towards her.

Within the street lit room
The city flashes from behind the blinds.

Within the street lit room
She turns to catch his gaze.

Within the street lit room
Anger fills his face.

Within the street lit room
She smiles gently.

Within the street lit room
The crowds and cars blair from Below.

Within the street lit room
Falls a knife.

Within the street lit room
The door slams violently.

Within the street lit room
The sounds of a woman running down the hall can be heard.

Within the street lit room
Is the smell of iron and liquor.

Within the street lit room
Lies the man bloodied and fallen.

Then the street lit room
The Beast lies dead.



Bright in the night sky,
A blooming flower of light.

Momentary life.

It Screams


It screams from beyond

Sanity’s deep perception.

Delving deep within . . .


Oh death, we cry, come take us,

Oh death, we beg, release us.


It drinks deep from pain

Ripping out forgotten thoughts,

Leaving but a husk . . .


Oh death, we cry, come take us,

Oh death, we beg, release us.


Alone in tremors,

In a spiral of despair,

Inconsolable . . .


Oh death, we cry, come take us,

Oh death, we beg, release us.

Silenced Song

On a hot dry night

I was born by the river

Under milky stars

And a moonless, painted sky.


On a hot dry night

A song of running whispers

Ran through the valley

Giving to fields and children.


On a hot dry night

The song of life went silent

Under milky stars

Leaving not but bones and dust.


On a hot dry night

I walked through the rivers corpse

Under milky stars

I waited for whispered songs,


But she laid silent and still.

Voyage of the Ada Rose, Part 2

Adrift in the dark.

A trail of fine scarlet mist.

Her children bloodied,

Some lost to the vast expanse.

She weeps for the dead

Sacrificed for survival.

Her captain holds her

With strength and deep conviction.

And so she follows

The currents of time and space.

Going where taken

Against will and desire.

To islands of hope or death.

Part 1 can be found here

Sex and Death

WARNING: The following haibun contains graphic depictions of sex and murder along with religious and spiritual themes that may offend some readers.

Sex & Death

Sex and death caress

Comes the sharpened steel through flesh.

Agonies beauty.

She stands naked at the open bedroom door with nothing but the bible and a bloody knife. Sweat beaded on her brow, her chest heaved with heavy breath. Her heart was empty of emotion, but her body was beyond orgasmic. Sex and death were no longer separate.

Her lover lies dead; he penetrated her, she penetrated him. They both came. The scent of sex and iron filled the small apartment.

The bible dropped from her hands (why was she holding it?). The knife was held firm, bloodied and bent.


Rain falls on bare skin,

Forgotten inhibitions,

Lovers touch and kiss.


Cheap liquor and refried cigarettes rest on his breath; it’s heavy and rhythmic.

Her tongue tastes of whisky.

They’re both wet from the rain and heavy petting. Clumsy they fall upon the steel steps to his building, pain shoots from his spine, but his agony only makes her more excited. Despite the pain he can’t stop, his wet hands reach up her shirt and tear at her bra. His nails scratch at her nipple. It’s cold and erect.


Lone drop of water

Sultry eyes follow its path,

Sensual shiver.


Time slows.

Her eyes follow a single drop of water down the green painted metal rail. It shimmers from the lights of the passing cars. She bites him, but her eyes still follow the drop. Only when he pulls her through the door does she stop following its singular beauty.

The hall lights flicker. Her ecstasy is what he wants.

He’ll get it.

They’re not quite making their way down the white corridor, the neighbors were disturbed.

She ran her nails down his chest with his back to the apartment door, red lines cut deep and he bleeds but takes no notice.

He fumbles with the lock while she follows the bloody marks with her tongue. It tastes of iron, pineapple, and sweat.

His white shirt is stained red and wet with rain.



delight from his forceful touch.

Torn, her shirt removed.


The apartment door swings open and they both fall into the small living room. Pain shoots down his back originating from his previous injury. He arcs with the sharp pain. She gets excited, opens his fly and rubs her palm hard against his erect penis. He forgets about the pain.

Drunk on whisky and weed, she lets her ecstasy consume the woman she was to become the beast she is. She tears open his cheap white shirt, grasps his nipple violently and kisses him, not as a lover but as her victim.


Rage and arousal,

The beast within emerges,

But for a moment.


He begins to feel concern, this woman who so eagerly wants to fuck. The power of lust suppresses the concern quite easily when her bra is removed and her breasts are free. She places his face between them and he licks the skin between; one hand holds her back, the other grasps the mound of beautiful flesh.

She pulls him to his bedroom. He’s oblivious to her familiarity.


Religions power

Forgotten by desire.

Salvation by flesh.


A bible sits on the disheveled bed.

He throws her to the mattress. He removes her pants; she removes his. Neither wears underwear.

He goes down. He’s gentle and tender to her and makes love to her with his tongue. He’s good, but she doesn’t want love or tenderness, she wants rough. She wants to fuck not make love. She grabs his head and pulls him into her vagina. He can barely breathe. She cums.

He gets up and puts his dick in her, he learned his lesson and puts it in hard and deep.


No love, only fuck.

The serpent rises within,

She has been summoned.


He thrusts inside her, she rips at his skin. She can taste the blood. She can feel the violent pleasure.

They turn and she rides him like the animal he is. She arches’ her back, her hands grasping his legs. Her breasts look to the heavens. The moisture beads and the light refracts. She is the image of heavenly pleasure.


Intensity, pure

pleasure rises through her, pure.

The serpent rises.


She feels the power.

“I’m gonna cum”, he whispers.

“No yet”, she demands.


Somehow, through the power of her will, he holds back the force screaming to explode.

And she rides longer and harder; the serpent rises higher within her and with each bite comes a shiver or a seizure, she can’t tell nor does she care. It’s a power within her, an enlightenment from raw sexual power.


She can taste his blood.

She feels the throbbing within.

The serpent’s ready.


“I can’t hold it,” he screams.

She doesn’t hear him, she’s ready. He cums with a beastly roar. She cums and the serpent strikes.


Bodies burst black flame

Flesh becomes that of dark light

The world, forgotten.


She stands naked and alone in the open shower. The water pours over the goose-bumped skin washing away the blood and cum. The water follows her dark hair down as she rubs herself. His body still on the bed opposite the wall.

Masturbation recalls the memory and emotion.


Touch, the serpent stirs.

She wiggles in the tall grass,

Coiled and ready.


He lays flayed, spread out on the mattress. She stands over, still naked and dripping from the shower. Her clothes are spread out through the apartment. Her shirt, missing. She takes one of his. It’s too big and you can see her black bra through its cheap white cotton. She doesn’t care.

Someone knocks at the door.

She can’t find her panties.

The door knocks again.

She remembers she wasn’t wearing any.

The door knocks a third time. This time she looks through the peephole. An attractive young blond woman stands. She looks aggravated. She looks like she’s been crying.

She doesn’t answer the door

“Tony, you there?” The blonde behind the door whimpers.

Tony, she didn’t know his name. She put’s her pants on but stumbles in the process.

“Shit,” she mumbles under her breath. But the blonde behind the door remained silent, or maybe she’s gone.

A crucifix hangs above the door.


She has no remorse,

Nothing is holy under

The sacred profane

The Way, A collection of 25 Haiku

The Way


A river moves through

Stone and clay, weaving a path;

Its tenderness cuts.


A tender flower,

Small, petite, living in stone.

The petals flutter.


Old flame marks the trail,

Stone formations block my path,

I continue on.


A nymphs’ paradise,

She dances on damp green grass,

A seductive grin.


Suns’ ray touches dew,

Shows the magic of fungus

Growing on dead tree.


She moves wickedly,

Between the shadows and light,

Touching her damp flesh.


Ach! A thread of web,

It tickles the face with fear,

But no spider comes.


Armadas of ants,

Cleaning the forest of death,

Thrice they block my path.


From valley to hill,

Shaded path to sunny sky,

The way moves forward.


High upon hilltop,

The heat grows, no shade to help,

Resting on dry dirt.


Handsome nymph returns,

Covered in matted orange dust,

Dancing wildly.



White and gray clouds shatter light

Calming beating heart.


Single flower sits,

Of peach and red apple hues,

A butterfly sips.


Returning below,

Valley of oaks and willows,

A rippling creek.


Sophia slithers,

Long and black with yellow stripes.

She crosses my path.


Young bluejay perches,

His eyes follow as I walk,

Harsh and high chirps sound.


Old oak of wisdom,

Standing tall on the journey,

Gnarled branches reach.


Rippling creek stops,

Still pool sits by sacred grove,

Oaks and willows thrive.


On a single stone,

She lies in a ray of light,

Dressed in natures way.


Bug sits, a fish feeds

Small birds call, leaf falls then floats,

Trees speak in the breeze.


Sitting on a stone

By a clear pool of water,

Seeing the magic.


Cool wind as dusk nears,

And the trees shiver with life,



At the point of dusk,

From water a nymph rises,

Kissing naked lips.


Lips pressed, desire.

Lips pulled into pond of glass,

Lips filled with rapture.


Into cool wet void,

Falling into dark decay,

To sleep forever.

All haiku are numbered for future convenience. Some or all of these may end up as visual poetry.

A Dance of Tantric Verse


The Grave Stands Alone

 The grave stands alone,
 'til a couple comes to play,
  Lustful night they lay,
 Witnessed by only the bone.

Joys of earthly flesh,
 And the joining to one soul,
 Touch and pleasure stole,
On the grave, soil still fresh.

Palm to carnal skins,
 And silken wet breasts expose,
 And tender pink rose,
Touching brings sensual grins.

Snake of life does rise,
 Eyes to enlightenment's heights,
 Light to beauties sights,
Slither to Nirvana's prize,
'til is spoken, the last rites.

Tantric Dance

Dance the lovers' way, 
Under a moonless night's stay, 
Tantric play to some, 
And carnal delights do come, 
Until the dawns light breaks day.

Winters Play

Winter comes to rise,
 Pleasure by hearths fire,
 Spring is born anew.