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Novel Update #1: Alien Fields

I finally have a working title for the book, Alien Fields. This may not be the final title, however it’s working for me at the moment.

This whole project has become much more ambitious than originally intended as the world around the story grew, my notes have gone from a few scribblings to no less than a large appendices with its own six hundred sixty-eight day calendar and custom zodiac.

My progress is slow, but the primary text is complete. Currently I’m working on the second draft and playing with some style details.

I no longer see having a finished product by the end of January as feasible, however if you’re interested in being a beta-reader, when we reach that stage, please let me know.


A Quick Note: More words are coming, I promise.

Hello all you wonderful people. I just want to note that I realize that’s it’s been a while since I posted something on Your Predator and I apologize. The only excuse I have is that life had gotten in the way.

Writing can at many times be quite difficult for me, a time-consuming art-form, not only am I dyslexic (sometimes not being able to read at all), words are an art I care deeply about. The pieces I create, I don’t try to tell a perfect story, it’s more poetry to me. Placement of the words are of paramount importance. The sound and flow when spoken out loud and taken into account. Imagery and a deeper meaning within the words are my goals.

More words a coming, I promise.

Coming soon:

  • Lotus and the Rose: The Song of Calling
  • Lotus and the Rose: Prologue
  • More western Wednesday.

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