White Fire

Look into your soul
And the pitch of selfishness
Reeking jealousy.
Find hidden fire within
And let white light burn it free.



The Rage of Lust

As i sit and see
And look on forbiddenly
With feverish thoughts,
Pleasures possibilities.

What lust can enter
With such sinning sinsations
That traverse the mind.

Desires that burns like rage
Shining through the eyes,
Can they be interpreted?

What thoughts can be seen
Behind the tethered glances,
And the unspoken
Translations of the body.

As i sit and see
The friendly smiles around.

What goes on behind?

Do secret desires hide?

Does lust sit seething?

Damn it! Speak to me of dreams,
Tell me of those secret thoughts.



No Way

In search for the road,
Seeking a destination.
Lost in wilderness,
A state of desolation.
In the forest of be-ing.



The Nature of Night

When the sun goes down
And most of the land dreams deep
There are those that wake,
Some in pleasures deep embrace,
Others alone in torment.


Cold Breeze

As the cold breeze blows,
It calls to our desires.
As the cold breeze blows,
Our dreams sail on its currents
And drift through seas of starlight.


The Beast

Betrayal, deceit,


The heart of the beast above.
Rage and denial,
Spews from her foul acrid mouth.

She sits in the smog, alone.

-Hunter Coch


Preaching the word of inebriation,

For they are the living and the lost

Seekers of comfort.

For they shine In the night

Falling when the sun rises.

They are the Wanderers in the streets

Reveling in the shining and radiant filth.

Sipping the sinner’s delight.

The cities twilight.



The boat sits at rest
In the calm, empty harbor.

A woman drink deep
From the skies gift of a dusk
That brands the soul forever.


I don’t feel like a man
I don’t feel like a person
I don’t feel like a human
I don’t feel like I belong
I don’t feel worthy

I feel worthless


The brain burns
With pulsating currents
Of neurological electricity
And emotional instability.

The brain burns
And awareness stays,
I can feel the shaking
I live in the fire.

The brain burns
With magic,
White lights dance
Until the afterglow.

The brain burns,
Reality bends,
Visual metamorphosis
It never really ends.