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Claws of Water

Icy wretched pain
Radiating from within,
Why does it persists?

With the glow of agony
Claws of water tear the eyes.



I See

I see a woman
Desperate to keep faith to an
Absent man of war.

I see a lone man
Rejected by a woman
Long lost long ago.

I see a couple
Sitting in a dark corner
Lost in lust and love.

I see the drunkards
Desperate for life
To take them away.

-Hunter Coch



The Sewer

A hive of life
In duality;
The lotus and the rose.

Passion and spirit,
Romance and the rage of lust
Lying together.

A den of sin
With saints
Devoted to the streets.

Preaching lustful deeds
And speaking of the divine
Words of Sophia.

A place of spirits
And life;
Dancing between realms.

Where dark and light dance
Attracting duality;
Seductive rapture.

A realm of between,
A singularity
Of passion and prudence.

What does music bring,
But the union of life, death,
And all in between.

The joy of dancing within,
The fire of letting go.

That is life in the sewer.

-Hunter Coch



Taking Pills

Taking pills
To kill the anxiety
Dulls the will to create.

Taking pills
To function in life
Rips the heart and soul.

Taking pills
To live the dream
Drives the nightmare.



Creative Chaos

Darkness in the heart
Of matter’s dancing dream-scape.
Infinity falls,
To the beat of disaster.

Creativity rages.



Art should not be safe.

Poetry is seduction,
Music is fire,
Painting is for the insane.

Art is the mad flame of love.

-Hunter Coch-



She looked within me
From across the crowded room,
Eyes of lust and steele.
And it was in that moment
I knew what the night would bring.



White Fire

Look into your soul
And the pitch of selfishness
Reeking jealousy.
Find hidden fire within
And let white light burn it free.



The Rage of Lust

As i sit and see
And look on forbiddenly
With feverish thoughts,
Pleasures possibilities.

What lust can enter
With such sinning sinsations
That traverse the mind.

Desires that burns like rage
Shining through the eyes,
Can they be interpreted?

What thoughts can be seen
Behind the tethered glances,
And the unspoken
Translations of the body.

As i sit and see
The friendly smiles around.

What goes on behind?

Do secret desires hide?

Does lust sit seething?

Damn it! Speak to me of dreams,
Tell me of those secret thoughts.



No Way

In search for the road,
Seeking a destination.
Lost in wilderness,
A state of desolation.
In the forest of be-ing.