The writings of Hunter Coch

A Dance of Tantric Verse


The Grave Stands Alone

 The grave stands alone,
 'til a couple comes to play,
  Lustful night they lay,
 Witnessed by only the bone.

Joys of earthly flesh,
 And the joining to one soul,
 Touch and pleasure stole,
On the grave, soil still fresh.

Palm to carnal skins,
 And silken wet breasts expose,
 And tender pink rose,
Touching brings sensual grins.

Snake of life does rise,
 Eyes to enlightenment's heights,
 Light to beauties sights,
Slither to Nirvana's prize,
'til is spoken, the last rites.

Tantric Dance

Dance the lovers' way, 
Under a moonless night's stay, 
Tantric play to some, 
And carnal delights do come, 
Until the dawns light breaks day.

Winters Play

Winter comes to rise,
 Pleasure by hearths fire,
 Spring is born anew.

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