The writings of Hunter Coch

#NaNoWriMo and the big 10,000 update.

I promised my self I’d do a blog post when I hit the 10,000 word mark for NaNoWriMo. So not to distract me too much I’m just going to copy and paste a small part here. Please keep in mind this is completely raw unedited and prone to dyslexic moments (that does not just mean mis-spellings). I hope you enjoy this small moment:

I die.

I sit lotus in black void and soon the stars begin to pierce. The expanse is forever and time is without meaning. A cosmic loneliness settles into my being. In this vast expanse nothingness is forever. Ages crept. Motion is without meaning but shapes come into view; a small sun shines, a world is below.

I am exposed within eternity.
Cities shine in it’s dark side in webs of light with vast oceans.
I am another world, smaller and barren, and made of Iron. I can feel the fear from below as knowledge of death settles. Escape is an option.

Small jets of light and smoke flee into the void, heading towards hope closer to the sun. Repeatedly they make good an escape. I approach slowly.

I am the coming extinction.

I am Thánatos, my mother is Nyx.

I come because it is time.

I am Śiva the destroyer and transformer.

I come because I must.

Two worlds become one. We are consumed by fire in holy unity. Two souls becoming one in a transmutation from the passion of our joining.

From our ecstasy comes death.

From our two bodies comes one.

Our friction is the fire that consumes and this fire lasts for an age. But we are no longer we; now a new me. A once living, now dead world with two awkward moons.

I am more.

I am a fertile egg waiting for the seed of life that comes from my sister.

Eons pass.

Eventually the seed comes. Life begins again.

You can also find another NaNoWriMo excerpt here.


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