The writings of Hunter Coch

Status Update #5 (Life)

Things have been extremely busy for me the past couple weeks and I’d like to apologize for not updating as often as I would like. This site is a dream of mine. I love sharing my work, and I love the fact that you take the time to read my words.

That being said, this site has to come second to my bill paying job and my family.

There will come times when I may not be able to post, be it a few days or a week. Occasionally my job takes one hundred percent of my time, a couple of weeks ago I was sent for training and the hotel didn’t have free wifi (paying for wifi wasn’t in my budget), so I had to settle with drinking myself into a stupor at the hotel bar (oh poor me).

This past weekend I was on vacation with my family in the Sierras and had a great time.

I want to assure you that this blog will continue to be updated and the words will continue to flow. I genually appriciate your readership and I hope you enjoy what I write.

-Hunter C Coch


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