The writings of Hunter Coch

Poem: Six Bullets ’till Sundown (Draft)

I’m not too happy with the rhyming  structure so I’m going to publish as a draft (fair warning). Meaning I may come back at a later date to rewrite.

In a high desert town,
A Dark man walks,
black hat on crown,
while the stranger stalks.

The duck hangs low,
On the west facing street,
Death winds blow,
With a parching heat.

Then six stared knights,
Block the path of the damned,
The lonely man sights,
As he frees his hands.

A star raised his brow,
Took three strides,
Taking a bow,
To the desert he collides.

A crash of thunder without clouds,
But a red rain sheath,
No sounds of weeping crowds,
A grim smile shows dirty teeth.

Night comes near,
The knights eyes done,
Dark man, no fear,
To five men stands one.

The power of hell brings him,
The darkness longs to steal,
Mud caked hands lower a brim,
But colts bring the real.

The five walk with fear,
Towards the black silhouette,
One weeps an unknown tear,
Silence bought with regret.

The motions sting,
Fowl winds blow,
Hands spring,
Bullets sow.

Crashes of thunder in a cloudless  sky,
The haze settles on his east bound path,
The calm of the desert on high,
Only one man and wrath.

A Dark man walks,
On a dust blown street,
And no stranger stalks,
Now but dead meat.

Into the night the grim stranger strides,
No starred knights to cross his path,
The silent tension subsides,
Of the six bullets of wrath.


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