The writings of Hunter Coch

Poem: Cafe Under Moon (serial excerpt)

This is a poem from the story I’m working on that will be presented to you in serial form. The original found in the story probably wont appear in the first post (due August Fifteenth Two Thousand Nine), however I thought I’d share the poem with you now.

Fire above crowns,
Warming social emotion,
Steel mushroom towers;

Trees in soiled pots,
Life and death waxing now waning,
Cafe under moon;

Two lovers meet,
Beneath the dimming lights,
Between the two trees;

Melancholy joy,
Patrons within green forest,
Sipping liquid life;

Patrons privately,
Some woeful, others with joy,
Chat of unheard things;

Steele trees of fire,
Under, two lovers first meet,
Cafe under Moon.


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