The writings of Hunter Coch

Header of the Week #1

I just wanted to announce that a new header is up. This header is by me and I’m allot happier with this one versus my last attempt. This was my first major use of a photoshop program (I used Gimp) and I hope you enjoy.

Also I wanted to remind you that you are welcome to contribute your own work to this site. I would love to see the headers you come up with. All I ask is the headers are 920 x 180 pixels contain the words “Your Predator’ and are highly creative (I’m also partial to black & white but it’s not required).

Contrabutions should be sent to If you feel so inclined, please write a short bio with any contact information you wish revealed (no information will be sold, given away or traded with out your explicit permission), along with a description and your feeling on your creation.

The best best contrabutions will be the header for this site for one week (maybe longer if I really like them) starting on Sundays. When the new header goes up a blog post about you and your creation will be posted.

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