The writings of Hunter Coch

Status Update #3 (Serial, news & prose)

Work on the serial is progressing. It’s taking a, somewhat of a lycarical form of prose. A you may notice in the following excerpt:

Stepping outside I saw no sun. A thick fog sheets the streets. Awesome is the fresh, brisk air; the river scent still hangs.

The fog lingered and waited and watched.

Shivers shook my spine. The damp cold touched my skin. Dim light shone in a glow through the ground layer clouds. I stood still feeling the uncontrolled rattle of my body; stop, stretch; my back, shoulders, and a few joints popped to my pleasure.

I am officialy seting the reliese date on the fifteenth of August two thousand and nine (15/AUG/2009). Between now & then? More poetry, and maybe some other things. If you like what you read, please pass the site allong.


Hunter C. Coch

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