The writings of Hunter Coch

Status Update: #2 (Serial excerpt)


Well I’m a little ahead of schedule; domain up but I still haven’t posted the first part of the serial yet. Well, a small change of plans. The first part of the serial will still be out in mid august, however between now and then I’m going to try and expand readership a bit.

Also, i am not happy with the way the site currently looks so you will see some, off and on, changes. Along with the changes comes a change of header and if you have any ideas please feel free to let me know by comment or e-mail ( If you wish to make submissions, by all means please, and full credit will be given.

In the meantime I ask, if you like what you read please pass it along. Now I leave you with a excerpt of the serial (Still unnamed):

EDIT: Forgive me, I’m still getting used to this whole, building a site from scratch and with limited help thing. I changed the layout in the quoted text below as I wasn’t happy with how it posted.

Andthen I saw her . . .

Melancholy joy,
Patrons within green forest,
Sipping liquid life;

In flows from future memories, a kiss, soft on the lips and smooth, open mouth, two tongs delicately game, our eyes are shut and our hearts open. Her breath is mine. Continue; open then shut, but lips always in lock, end; just a tease. The business persists passionately, not sexually, and into each others heart emotions flow freely. Continue; playing [hands petting her hair], I know her love, she knows mine, our auras lock and merge in rhythm with the shared breath. With her inhalations comes my exhalation and in reverse repeated. Harmony, as a dance of air, like water, but free and unbound; cool but comforting.

Color swings from my lips to hers.

Patrons privately,
Some woeful, others with joy,
Chat of unheard things;

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