The writings of Hunter Coch

Status Update: #1

With a drink at my desk and a slight buzz this humble writer is here to inform you of my latest endeavor; the first serial on this site. The day this site gets it’s domain name is the day the first installment of the serial is released (sometime early to mid August). I also invite anyone reading this to be my mini-editors; typos & misspellings, feel free to point them out; constructive criticisms, great; praise, oh god please; hate, only if you feel like waisting your time as the more I’m hated the greater impact I’m leaving.

To describe this story would be imposable, though if your looking for a genre slipstream would fit it best. I hope it’s like nothing you’ve ever read, & if it is please point me to this author.

Also if you want the latest updates to this site along with all the other mundane ramblings, remember to follow me on twitter (@esahc).

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