The writings of Hunter Coch

A Silver Sin

I feel my life dripping away, a force entering my body seizing my dreams.

What nightmares come, what delusions will I see?

In my life, I’ve burrowed within my soul.

Will happiness hold true? How long will it last?

I see a future of emptiness for a lost world.

Can it be true?

I have found my peace at last, peace of mind, happiness . . .

I pray to a perceived god so I can hold to the hole in my spirit.

I lay within my covers, shivering from the icy hearts and listening to the soothing music that calms my soul.

“I love you”, I’ve said too much.

Will it last this time?

Faith is lost in myself and others; will time allow change?

Are these my dreams or merely human desires.

I love you, and fear you, but is this cowardice real?

Can this love be true . . .

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