The writings of Hunter Coch

Creative Commons

After allot of thought on how to move forward regarding the content of this site, I have decided to release all my works under the creative commons share & share alike license:

Creative Commons License
All Writings & Images created by Hunter Coch are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.
Based on works found at

I think the reasoning behind this is self evident; but for those who don’t understand: I want what I have to say spread and since the public domain in this country has been trampled into near non-existence then I offer what I believe to be the next best thing thing.

Writing & literature (arguably, everything else) in the world & throughout history is all about plagiarism. We would not have many of the great writers in history if today’s draconian copyright law existed back then. William Shakespeare was known to use other authors words verbatim. James Joyce’s Ulysses, in no short order, is a retelling of the Odyssey. I do not compare myself  to these great men but offer them as reasons why I make the choices I do.


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