A radiant sky.

Fires of contemplation

Above calm waters.

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. . .

Lust and desire

Grow as the evening deepens.

What has the night done?


The hands of temptation reach

For the strings of lust.

Oh, to put goodness aside

And give in to the darkness.


Preaching the word of inebriation,

For they are the living and the lost

Seekers of comfort.

For they shine In the night

Falling when the sun rises.

They are the Wanderers in the streets

Reveling in the shining and radiant filth.

Sipping the sinner’s delight.

The cities twilight.


A glance from beneath a black hat,

Seductive smile from across a busy room,

Gentle flirtations,

Longing looks,


Paint and Poem

Desire is an

Awakening of the soul,

Evidence of life.

Summoned by the serafim

Desire is the dark muse.

Desire is death

A last grasp at living life,

A voice from beyond.

Desire is dementia,

A forgetful waking dream.

Desire calls out

To the artists and dreamers,

Divine seduction.

Like the Sirens of myth, but

Feeding on paint and poem.

Permission, Three Tanka

She lies on her back

Nude on the hardwood floors.

Sexual freedom.

She holds herself, rubbing deep

In pulsating perfection.

She lies on her back

Nude, I long for the release,

Her Command, her wish.

I’m bound by her dominance,

Freedom will come with a word.

She lies on her back

Nude on the cold hard floors.

With her word I come.

Tearing into her body,

Her flesh will never forget.

They Speak

They speak in hushed whispers

In the bar of screams.

They speak in confidence

In the tavern of the lost.

What secrets do they share?


Between two women,

A soft breast in each hand,

Nipples erect,

Gently played.

Three hearts beating

Three bodies playing

Three souls touching.

Warm Bodies

Warm bodies collide

In the summer heat.

Sweat beads along natural curves.

Rolling motions on linen sheets,

Heavy breathing

Flesh on fire.

Deep moans with deep thrusts,

Inhibitions forgotten,

Tossed aside with the clothes

And heavy blankets.

A rhythmic dance everyone knows.

Concluding with an exchange

Of breath and fluids.


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